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I am excited to read about this timely and meaningful investment to “empower change by strengthening our community connection”! I predict that this type of community outreach and engagement will offer a great return!

Reach back and pull others forward; and give gratitude for the great, average and challenging times in life as they all create our stories. This is my philosophy as I believe everyone has unique characteristics and gifts to share so we all are in some way responsible to reach one and teach one.

My greatest passion is serving others in whatever capacity I am called to serve. However, I enjoy working with students of all ages to: 1) make them aware that college is accessible; 2) help them navigate through the college process; and 3) connect them to opportunities that will support their growth as a “whole person” by way of research, mentoring and networking, shadowing and internships.

I treat every student with respect and fairness and adjust in assisting each student’s need.  Moreover, I work harmoniously with my colleagues and community and I am a cheerleader for my city!

I have a little over twenty years in the field of higher education and experience in the following functional areas: new office, program and partnership development, enrollment management, recruitment, student advising, financial aid advising, medical school admission, early outreach education, and fundraising. In higher education I have served as Transfer Coordinator, Associate Director/Dean of Admissions, Development Specialist and Diversity Coordinator for Medical School. I have also taught Journalism to high school students and worked in Production for a television station. As a part of my service I volunteer as the Youth Coordinator for my church and have done so for 12 years. Please let me know how I can serve you!

My educational background includes a BA in Communications from Spring Hill College and a MA in Educational Leadership from the University of South Alabama. I am strong in my faith and enjoy life.  I acknowledge my greatest blessings and accomplishment is being a wife to my wonderful husband Plez, Sr., and mother to our beautiful children, Plez, Jr., and Olivia Paige; not to mention the daughter of two amazing parents (Leslie and Mary Stone, III).

I look forward to continuing my mission of service to others as I believe it is a welcomed responsibility to reach back and pull others forward as we all unite to “empower change”.

Age: 47

Racial or Ethnic Identity: African-American

Gender: Female

Are you from Mobile? Yes