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In March of 2002, as a young college student, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, I got accepted into the Civil Engineering program at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. My parents knew that since very young, studying abroad was one of my most cherished dreams.  So I packed all my dreams and some of my most valuable belongings in a small suitcase and a crimson backpack to undertake my journey in Alabama and start working towards my American Dream.  I graduated from USA in 2005 and then started working in a local consulting engineering company, Volkert Inc. I obtained my masters degree in engineering in 2010 from USA as well.

For the past 15 years I have enjoyed the Southern hospitality and have made Mobile my home. I have learned valuable lessons in classrooms and everyday life, and I’m very proud of our community.  Once again in my pursuit of happiness, I decided to take a break from my engineering career, and in 2014 striving towards entrepreneurship I opened a small business in the industry

I enjoy the most and feel greatest passion for… travel.

Having my own business was not only a dream come true but it has given me the opportunity to engage and participate more in my local community. I’m a member of a few local organizations where I have met some of the most caring and giving individuals. Interacting with them I have learned the more you give, the more you will receive.
Last year my husband and I got married in Mobile, something that at that particular time would have not been possible in either of our ‘born’ countries. He is from Germany.  I’m very thankful for all the opportunities Mobile has given me and hope to do the same thing for others. My American dream is now a reality in Mobile.

I thank you for this great initiative, all the best!

Age: 36

Racial or Ethnic Identity: Hispanic – Latino

Gender: Male

Are you from Mobile? I was born and raised La Paz, Bolivia.